The Si Spa

2nd Floor
8050 Falls Ave
Snoqualmie, WA 98065

Touch is healing

Massage is more than just a luxury.
Body work reduces stress and anxiety, key issues that can lead to serious health problems. Massage reduces the levels of the stress hormone coritsol, resulting in lifted spirits and lower blood pressure. Body work can also boost the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopomine.
Invest in your health, Get a Massage!

Si Massage

A great massage for those simply wanting to relax and restore. Ease away tension and soothe the tired body and bring total relaxation.

30 Minutes $45

50 Minutes $70

80 Minutes $110

Si Signature Massage

A blend of swedish massage techniques this is a combination of light, medium, and deep work that will leave you feeling relaxed and destressed!

30 Minutes $55

50 Minutes $80

80 Minutes $120

Therapeutic Massage

This powerful deep tissue massage targets where it is most needed- the back and neck. Deep compressions, relaxing stretching techniques and warm compresses are used to increase circulation, release tight muscles and eliminate toxins.

50 Minutes $90

80 Minutes $130